Virtual Housecleaning

Posted: July 25, 2008 by Emma Bull in life

It’s too hot to clean the real house, so I’m moving furniture and dusting the bookshelves on line. I may yet get this site to the point of being up-to-date and useful! Also, I may wake up to find I am Marie of Roumania!


Posted: February 14, 2008 by Will Shetterly in art

Amaryllis at my back door
Swear to God it wasn’t there before
Growing tall from the cold hard ground
Red and green
What’s a hothouse flower like this
Doing in the land of winter’s kiss?
I do believe I’ve seen a sign
I do believe it.

Mississippi she weaves and winds
Makes her way from the northern pines
Land-locked water is ocean-bound
To New Orleans
Sunlit water come take my joy
To wash the skin of a southern boy
I do believe I’ve seen a sign
I do believe it.

Crazy wind blows across the land
African drum in an Irish band
Dream tattooed in the palm of your hand
Walls slip away like a pillar of sand

Sister lookin’ for the hand of fate
Maybe better try a change of state
Shake your life like a dusty rug
Out the kitchen door
New world springing from the shell of the old
You can’t say now you were never told
I do believe I’ve seen a sign
I do believe it.

© 1995 Emma Bull

Signal to Noise

Posted: February 14, 2008 by Will Shetterly in art
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Drinking coffee, have to stay awake and think of you
Aching awfully, knowing my perceptions aren’t true
If you were what I’ve made you, not as your acts betrayed you
How could I keep away?
But things still lead me on, a word and then it’s gone
What lives here and what’s stray?
Tell me please, what’s signal and what’s noise?

Interference, or is that the broadcast that I’ve got?
Your appearance renders me incapable of thought
Here’s your voice on the phone, your sweet and sullen tone
What am I to believe?
Did you blow me a kiss, or was that just tape hiss?
When I hang up, will you grieve?
Have pity, now, what’s signal and what’s noise?

Here’s your photo, I found it cleaning out my bottom drawer
When you wrote, oh, I couldn’t keep from wondering what for
Through the gray, through the grain, a picture taken in the rain
That doesn’t show your face
Connected dots don’t make a line, you confuse me every time
Confusion has its place
But just this once
What’s signal and what’s noise?

© 1988 Emma Bull

November Song

Posted: February 14, 2008 by Will Shetterly in art
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I learned this song by listening to Mark Henley perform it at Charlotte’s Web in Rockford, Illinois a very long time ago; infelicities in lyrics or music should consequently be considered a failing of my memory, not the songwriter’s skill.

As far as I know, the Flash Girls’ recording of “November Song” is the only one. I mentioned to Henley years ago that I loved the song and performed it often. He looked sheepish and admitted he couldn’t remember it. But then, he wrote a lot of songs.


Angels and mortals fight for the right
To have a little pleasure, and enjoy an easy flight
Angels and mortals sometimes get their way

I’m in no hurry, baby, no hurry now
Tell all the fellows what you think of your new girl now
No hurry, baby, I’m just out to be alive
Sitting down in the back seat, waiting for someone to come and

Drive me around your town, see the sights and
Drive me around your town, the city lights and
Drive me around your town
But there’s rain on the windshield and a fog off the

Angels and mortals drive around in cars
Angels and mortals, life among the stars
Angels and mortals sometimes have to pay

I’ve been celebrating lately, celebrating high
Now I own a piece of me, about as much as I can buy
No hurry, baby, I’ll tell you the reason why
I’ve been saturated lately by the trickle of a happy stream and

I want to feel you some more, baby
I want to feel you some more
But there’s a shadow on your mirror and a lock on your

I drew a picture on the window as we rode
Then I wiped it dry to see the other side
I see no more than you do
Believe me, I’ve tried

To find what is missing, to find what is wrong
To write the words to my happy-ending November song

I need to feel you some more, people
I need to feel you some more
But there’s a face at your window
And a knock on your door.

© 1995 Mark Henley

a bibliography

Posted: February 14, 2008 by Will Shetterly in art


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Freedom and Necessity FAQ #1

Posted: February 14, 2008 by Will Shetterly in art

In response to a query about Freedom and Necessity, Emma wrote:

Steve and I had an outrageously good time writing that–it was one of those times when I’ve said, “And they’ll PAY me to do this? SCORE!”

I wrote James and Susan, and Steve wrote Richard and Kitty. An exercise in philosophical role reversal that amuses those who know us best.

It’s Probably the Government.

Posted: March 6, 2006 by Emma Bull in art

Access to Will’s blog, It’s All One Thing, seems to be on the fritz. If you’ve been getting a “403-Forbidden” message when you try to load it, it’s not just you. Will’s working on it as I type.