I Look Bad in Orange, But…

Posted: November 7, 2005 by Emma Bull in art
Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off “weird” well – hardly anyone notices.

I think the principle is fairly accurate. And if you follow the link, you’ll see that one of the questions is, more or less, “If you were an action hero, what would you be known for?” Anyone want to guess what my answer was?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I cannot imagine you doing is Kung Fu or have you mastered that, too?

    Yep, you definitely have the inner flash of a redhead. Let it shine!

    This quiz stated my hair should be white. White!?!

    “Classy, stylish & eloquent. You’ve got a way about you that floors everyone you meet.” Moi!?!

    Nah. I’m gonna stick with black with silver temples, thanx much.


    ps: re Will as LeGuin and you as Delaney, check out Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson in ‘Dead Again’

  2. Emma Bull says:

    Since you were one of the Three Sisters who were responsible for handing me Babel 17 and saying, “Read this,” Delany prob’ly didn’t come as a surprise to you.

  3. Ted Lemon says:

    I’m guessing you’re famous for your arty, noir action films, but what do I know? Apparently my hair is supposed to be pink. If that comes true, I will have to wear a hat.

  4. Emma Bull says:

    Hey, there was a guy working the desk at the Golf Links library who had day-glo pink hair, and he looked great! The hitch is that it really limits your wardrobe choices.

    And still, neither of you have guessed my action hero style. Oh, tsk.

  5. Grey says:

    Yeah, I look bad in orange, too, but my hair is supposed to be orange.

    Frankly, I prefer a deep maroon…

  6. MKeaton says:


    I got white. I already have white hair and it has less to do with my inner funkiness than it does with my age. (Currently, I have red and white but the white gaining ground rapidly; very rapidly.)


  7. Emma Bull says:

    Emma’s Secret Hair Tip: You’ve got a lot of gray. You’d color it some really strange color for fun, but you know it would show embarrassing boring graying roots in a month, and everyone would miss the fashion statement and say, “She/he’s just trying to hide her/his age.”

    But if you bleach it, something really, really light, you get dark roots when it grows in, in contrast, and everyone says, “Oooh, she/he’s totally retropunkcool.”

    Ooops. Guess it’s not a secret hair tip anymore, huh?

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