No Goofy Statuette for The Faery Reel

Posted: November 8, 2005 by Emma Bull in art

Phooey–just found out that The Faery Reel didn’t win the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology. And Kelly Link’s “The Faery Handbag” didn’t win for best short story. Cool stuff did win in those categories, mind you; just not stuff that has anything to do with my housemate.

And Tom Doherty so deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award–go, Tom!

(To see the list of winners, go here.)

  1. sdn says:

    yeah, i know how you feel …

  2. MKeaton says:

    I’m still sulking because Holly Black lost the Mytho. Okay, so she lost it to Neil but still…


  3. Emma Bull says:

    Some years it’s just–“Omigawd, that’s up against that, and that, and… Which am I rooting for?” Those are the years when you feel as if you’re living in a golden age, fiction-wise. Look at this year’s WFA: Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell up against Sean Stewart’s Perfect Circle for best novel.

    (Answer: they’re both the best novel; just two different kinds, is all.)

  4. Grey says:

    I haven’t read Perfect Circle yet. I was pretty certain I should; now I’m quite certain. Thanks!

  5. Emma Bull says:

    Oh, gawd–Perfect Circle is just plain brilliant. Much as I like Stewart’s Galveston, I like this one even more. It’s smaller, a family story, a story of supreme weirdness and heart that couldn’t happen anywhere but the Texas coast, or to these characters. RUN out and score this book.

  6. Grey says:

    None of my local stores carry the inimitable Sean Stewart, but I ordered it today.

    Galveston is in my top twenty list. And yes, it’s partly because of the mask.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least The Faery Reel was nominated. That’s an honor all by itself.

    Geez, I’m sounding all Hollywood all of a sudden…

    Blue jean

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