Sec. Rumsfeld: Intervene? What, are you nuts?

Posted: December 1, 2005 by Emma Bull in art

Quote from Donald Rumsfeld in a Department of Defense press briefing, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005:

“Now, you know, I can’t go any farther in talking about it. Obviously, the United States does not have a responsibility when a sovereign country engages in something that they disapprove of…”

Excuse me, Mr. Rumsfeld, but wasn’t that the reason you gave us for sending troops to Iraq? Are you saying now that this war was prompted by a fundamental mistake in U.S. foreign policy, and should never have been started?

Read the entire text here. I recommend it, not least because it makes clear that General Peter Pace’s statement on the responsibility of U.S. soldiers regarding mistreatment of prisoners was made in response to Rumsfeld’s declaration of what he considered sufficient.

Secretary Rumsfeld then goes on to say, even more explicitly and enthusiastically, that addressing Iraq’s military and political problems should be the responsibility of the Iraqi people, not the United States. Shall we count on our loved ones being home for Christmas?

  1. backupdiva says:

    In response to the question about torture, Rumsfeld also says: “Iraq knows of certain knowledge that they need the support of the international community, and a good way to lose it is to make a practice of something that’s inconsistent with the values of the international community.”

    Funny, didn’t the US lose the respect of the international community when we illegally invaded the country and then tortured the prisoners we took there? Amnesty International has launched an anti-torture campaign on the US. Their tactics are pretty good when a government is ashamed of having broken international law in secret. Not so, this time.

  2. Grey says:

    Can we sing SDN’s hate song again?

  3. Emma Bull says:

    “Can hate be good?
    Can hate be great?
    Can hate be good, can hate be great…”

    Arrgh, now I’ve got Garrison Kiellor’s voice in my head.

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