The Cup Skips Town! (For now, anyway.)

Posted: January 4, 2006 by Emma Bull in art

My allegiance is still somewhat divided–I prefer some things about Blogger, others about LiveJournal–but a Wicked Good Fairy gave me six months of paid Live Journal account for a holiday present. That’s tipped me off the fence.

So I’ll be posting mainly on LiveJournal for a while. If something seems particularly Blogger-specific, I’ll drop it here, but you can find me most dependably at Dark Roast.

  1. Janni says:

    First they say they’re just visiting livejournal, maybe setting up on account so they can talk to a few friends … next think you know, lj is their home away from home. 🙂

  2. Emma Bull says:

    It’s all about the userpix, baby.

    Actually, it’s all about the comments format…until the comment count hits fifty. Then the compressed threads make me nuts. Oh, well.

  3. sarah says:

    Yes, another blogger realizes that Livejournal kicks Blogger’s ass!

    The comments format over here drives me crazy, plus you can’t get e-mail notification of comments or replies.

    Now, you just need to turn your charming husband over to our way of thinking.

  4. Emma Bull says:

    Actually, the comments format on Blogger is fine for things that don’t require conversation between commenters. If all you want is to enable people to leave a comment on an essay you’ve posted, it works really well. It just doesn’t allow for the back-and-forth that LiveJournal users prefer. Two different cultures, is all, designed for two different kinds of interaction, each useful at different times.

    That’s why there are posts I think of as Blogger-appropriate, and others that are LJ-appropriate.

    Will’s going to explain about e-mail notification.

  5. Will Shetterly says:

    Sarah, you can get notified of comments on Blogger. Under “settings” and “comments,” just fill in the “comment notification address.”

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