Virtual Housecleaning

Posted: July 25, 2008 by Emma Bull in life

It’s too hot to clean the real house, so I’m moving furniture and dusting the bookshelves on line. I may yet get this site to the point of being up-to-date and useful! Also, I may wake up to find I am Marie of Roumania!

  1. Stephen Patt says:

    Hi–thanks again for a splendid novel, and appreciate the housecleaning tips–I may try that stance on wife Lise, and see if she buys it (it’s pretty hot in Topanga Canyon)…being one of the only three remaining steel guitar players in Los Angeles (the others moved to Nashville, where there’s actually work), I was hoping I might pop a copy of my solo album in the mail, for you and the fambly to enjoy…Cheers, Stephen Patt, MD

  2. Elwood says:

    Just finished reading ‘War for the Oaks’ the other day, liked it a lot, and i’d like to say i know the perfect band to play Edie and the Fey. It’s the Yeah yeah yeahs,the song ‘Zero’ sums up the choice nicely, and even the guitarist looks like a perfect fit for the character Hedge.
    Later days!

  3. Rachel Sudbeck says:

    Hi, just read War for the Oaks, and let me just say that you pretty much rock. I would love to see a movie version (if only so I could hear the music) and you have moved right on up to my list of favorite authors. Truly a great honor, I assure you. 🙂 I’d read books involving the faerie courts before, liked them, and now you’ve just taken those and made them look like complete crap, so thank you for that you wonderful author you! Now I’m just running along to my library to find other such wonders, just figured I’d stop in here and let you know I think you’re awesome. So…um…good job and such.

  4. dave kok says:

    Hi, I and my wife, Barb used to be groupies when you played at the Border’s
    bookstore in Minnetonka and at the Arts fairs. We bought the first flasgirls album and “War for the Oaks”: bothof which are great. Then you broke my heart by leaving town and disbanding [pun intended} the Flash Girls.
    Barb just bought me a copy of TERRITORY. Ive read the fist chapter and it’s gonna be a great read. Ive discovered your website, the Flashgirls are making new CDs so all’s right with the world.

    Thanks, Dave Kok

  5. Anne A. Thema says:

    Clearly not much going on here, but I too have just finished war of the oaks and would like to cast out some positives.
    Thank you, I had an excellent time reading it.

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